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i am tired of hearing shit like “pansexuality doesn’t exist it’s just bisexuality”

here let me lay down the law of sexual orientations for you lovely people

  • Heterosexuality: Attraction to the opposite gender (M to F)
  • Homosexuality: Attraction to the same gender (M to M or F to F)
  • Bisexuality: Having both heterosexual and homosexual tendencies, not necessarily at the same time those who can ♥ people of same gender as themselves + can ♥ people of different genders/gender presentations from themselves
  • Asexuality: Lacking sexual attraction to any genders (Note: Asexuality does not necessarily mean aromantic! Asexual individuals may partake in romantic relationships despite their lack of sexual attraction.)
  • Pansexuality: Attraction to ANY gender, those who identify as pansexual may consider themselves “gender-blind” (I would list the possible combinations but it would be too confusing and take too much time)

Here, let me lay down the law on trying to define bisexuality without actually consulting any bisexuals or looking at what the bisexual community thinks:

  • Don’t do it.
  • Seriously, just don’t smegging do it.
  • What the smeg is wrong with you?

(Source: The Bisexual Community)

The song is in Chinese, but look at how those guys dance in heels!


these come around every time Apple release a new product but jesus christ they do not stop being funny

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So, I’ve been feeling less and less and less in touch with the word “genderqueer” over the last year. Something about it just irked me but I could never figure out what.

At the same time, the word “non-binary” seemed to come into common usage, and I realized that I…


Bi Flag

I identify as bisexual. For me, that doesn’t mean I like only men and only women, operating on a gender binary. I like male, female, and gender variants, too. Many people will say, “so you’re pansexual then” but I don’t identify as pansexual, because while I like all genders, my attraction…



Skoliosexual describes a potential sexual attraction to non-binary identified individuals. This does not generally describe an attraction to specific genitalia or birth assignments but rather is an inclusive term.


  • “I identify as skoliosexual.”
  • “I’m not really into binary men or women. I’m skoliosexual.”

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