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Ben: so I gonna show you how to pack a chromatography column. gently pour the silica gel-eluent slurry in, let the liquid level drop to the top of silica gel.

Matt: (taking note) okay.

Ben: and you tap the column repeatedly to exclude the air bubbles trapped in the silica gel, and let the silica gel pack. you’ll see the silica gel level go down. (tap tap tap tap…)

Matt: (taking note)

Ben: and you do this until the level no longer drops. I’ll let you do the tapping and see me if you have any question.

Matt: so let’s try… (tap *64)

Matt: (tap *64)

Matt: (tap *64)

Matt: (tap *64)

Matt: (tap *128)

Matt: (tap *128)

Matt: (tap *256) BEN!!!!!

Ben: WHAT?

Matt: so the silica gel level just keeps going down! when should i stop?

Ben: (inspect the column tip) so your column is not leaking silica gel. I guess just till whenever you feel comfortable…

(tap *8,192) (an hour later)

Matt: so Ben!! I have a great idea!! if I keep tapping for the rest of my grad school life, I will eventually create a black hole by then and get a Nobel Prize in Physics!!

Ben: … just make sure you don’t get yourself sucked in. God bless you.

—completely fictional. but this is exactly what I feel every time when I do a column chromatography.

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